Sunday, August 2, 2015

it's in the DOING

I have all but given up the making of art.  I don't remember last going into the studio with any sense of purpose.  I still think in terms of art...of course...that I think will never go away.  But the DOING has stopped.  I wrote down a quote by Erik Wahl last night...."creativity lies not in the done but in the doing".

The tiny farm I have my eyes on has an old garage...I already see it as a studio, insulated, with a new roof and large French doors, with that quote painted all around the walls, up close to the rafters, in huge letters.  I soooo hope I get this place.  It seems to be mine in spirit.  I think it will wake me up.  K

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Parcel

I have named the Japanese wrapping paper piece "The Parcel".   It is a collage of greens and blues, softened by a layer of tissue...the "arms" of which look a bit like a jacket with fringe attached...another ode to Project Runway...some B&W rows from old bills and some longer rows hand-cut from mags.

How feel that arch of my neck and back as I bend over the work table, intent on a connecting line or tiny air bubble.  The big world shrinks into 4 feet squared, and my mind expands. Step in. Pay attention. Try it.  Listen...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

delicate thoughts

All winter long, I have been estranged from my studio.  Now the late-season low sun comes in, and I find it a peaceful seat.  Cleaning, rearranging, touching, wondering....what will happen here?  It feels flat too often. But today, there is a delicate feel to this moment, and I gently unfold the Japanese wrapping paper, and lay it on the floor to peruse. Leslie Blair saved it for a long time, and then one day decided that it should be mine to create with.  I think in 3D more often, but have been seeing much in 2D lately.  I am thinking of delicate embellishments on this paper...stitiches, thin overlays, etc.  maybe some cut-outs would be good here....there is an existing fan shape already cut in the paper...but fans do little for me.  
I see I'll have to be careful with this special paper, but also fearless with what I might do to it.  If I approach this with trepidation, it will be too "safe" of a piece.  Makes me think of Project Runway.  Every time a designer worked a safe design, they were chastized for it.