Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thoughts on small-scale work

Why is it that all my 3D work is bigger than a bread box?  (Wow, did I just date myself as a child of the 60's!)  I always prefer to think that it is because I have large hands, and I need to work on a larger scale.  But I realize that the art I BUY is also bigger than a bread box.  I suspect it has something to do with my hatred of dusting.  Or the fact that my body is big.  Or that I'm way into bread.  I love salon walls, but have a hard time creating one in my house because most of my 2D pieces are large, and seem to desire entire walls for themselves.
The Hockaday Museum of Art's current show/fundraiser, the annual Miniature Show snuck up on me again this year...why is it that, in all my years in the Flathead, I have only entered this show once?  I always go to see the show, but can't seem to make anything tiny enough to enter.  I noticed that several of the unframed pieces were "studies".  Well, there's a clue to my disconnect...I don't do studies...or maquettes for 3D pieces...why not?  Why not use this smaller scale for exploration...for play...for experimentation, and see what comes out of it?
Why not make a LOT of small pieces, and see which ones speak to each other, and connect them, or group them on a wall together, in easily-changable arragements.  The groupings, although made of small pieces, would be viewed as larger works when hung.  And the flexibility would allow the viewer so much freedom to interact with the work...Alicia Forestall-Boehm has a current show up that has such a grouping. I saved the photo to my wall because it captured this very thought...how so many pieces can be seen as one conversation, connecting several thoughts.  Of course, each piece in the grouping needs to stand alone as its own art work.  Is it like a tiny series?  I love to work in series...maybe I need to look at it that way. I really want to be able to do this...to break my self of the large scale.  Get rid of the bread box..I need the counter space.

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