Friday, June 27, 2014

A Studier of Things

A friend was over the other night with her 7-year old daughter.  We connected in the same way I connect with most kids...the "wanna see my room?" connection.  My studio is full of remnants from nature, as anyone who has read my previous blogs would guess.  Bark, feathers, bones, nests...all the things I had in my Dutch Masters cigar box marked "cool stuff" when I was 7.
I don't have sparkles. I don't do pink.  I have no concept of what is on TV for kids. But I do know how to take a walk and look...really what Mother Nature drops for us to pick up. Kids get that..they always have.  My friend sent me a text later that night, telling me that her daughter had decided that, starting the next day, she was going to be a full-time artist, and a "studier of things".  How cool is that?

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